Content Supply

I’ve been contracted by Dallin Nead to create After Effects templates detailed for social media. He has been creating custom marketing videos all over social media for a variety of clients, check out his creative service Content Supply.


Handmade by Heather

My sister Heather asked me to help out with a new business she is starting, she loves to crochet all kinds of things, little booties for toddlers, blankets, hats, etc. Check out her Instagram and Facebook page!


Holland America Group – Motion Graphics Vendor

My friend Tyler Clay (check out his YouTube channel) recommended me to Holland America Group to do motion graphics and title design for a series of training videos they are making for tendering services to and from ports all over the world.


Gnarly Escapes

Gnarly Escapes is a business my brother started in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Check out his website and try out a room! I have been working with him doing graphic design and video production for introductions for the rooms.


Tinder Transmedia

I was contracted by Jared Cardon to help with some screen replacement for a promotional video for Boom Guru.


Netflixers Movie Review

My friend Tyler Clay asked me if I could do some motion graphics for a new YouTube Channel he and his wife have been working on.
Netflixers Movie Review is your ticket to finding the perfect movie. We take the guessing out of movie watching. No more wasting time looking for a movie to watch! There are so many movies on Netflix that sometimes it’s hard to choose a good one. We review the movies, and let you know which ones are worth watching! Your time is precious, so why waste it looking for a movie you might not even like?

We watch each movie to the bitter end and give you our honest and most critical feedback. Majority of films we review are movies specifically on Netflix. However, occasionally we like to review movies we’ve recently seen in the theater or television shows for a little variety.

Your hosts, Tyler and Hillary, tailor to audiences from the savvy film professional to the everyday movie lover. Tyler has been working in the film Industry for the last 10 years and currently works as a professional filmmaker. Hillary is a down to earth, critical movie lover who tells it how it is.